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Institutional investors

As a major player in the real estate investment market in France and Europe, Primonial REIM offers a wide range of skills and expertise to its institutional clients

French and European real estate market expertise

Our strategy is preceded by the macro and micro economic surveys from our Research team which allow us to implement our real-estate convictions.

Our collective real-estate approach is therefore resolutely patrimonial, in that it becomes an integral part of the overall and long-term equilibrium of the portfolios. The majority of our operations are core and core +, which means that they are oriented towards a regular revenue pay-out.

Our collective real estate approach also aims to be specialised. Assets such as office buildings, retail premises, EPHAD (retirement homes) or residential units require asset managers with a thorough knowledge of working with the tenants and specific dynamics associated with each asset class. This is why we have set up dedicated teams for each property asset class.  They have thorough knowledge of their sector’s dynamics as well as the practices generally applied in the various French and Euro-zone markets.

This approach ensures that investors who participate in the funds managed by Primonial REIM France can rely on clear investment policies and consequently establish their allocations in a fully informed manner.

Expertises des marchés immobiliers
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Santé - Éducation
Health - Education
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Our publications

  • Thematic study

Real estate investment, a global perspective

11/03/2024 By Henry-Aurélien Natter

In this study, we want to offer a global perspective on the evolution of real estate markets, explore the diversity of responses provided by international players, and draw the outlines of what could be a “global real estate allocation” in the next cycle.

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Our flagship operations

At Primonial REIM France, we have developed leading expertise in the structuring and execution of simple and complex real estate transactions for French and international institutional investors. We offer institutional investors a comprehensive real estate service and tailor-made solutions, adapted to their risk profile and allocation objectives.

Our teams have conducted several emblematic operations, including

SCI Marseille City
Immobilier mixte

SCI Marseille City

Location : Rue de la République, Marseille
Creation date : 2017
Asset values : 410 M€
Portefeuille mixte : Résidenciel, commerces, bureaux
SAS Immocare
Immobilier de santé

SAS Immocare

Location : France
Creation date : 2016
Asset values : 1,2 Md€
Portefeuille de santé : Clinique, maison de retraite
SAS PREIM Healthcare
Immobilier de santé

SAS PREIM Healthcare

Location : Allemagne
Creation date : 2016
Asset values : 2 Mds€
Portefeuille de santé : Maison de retraite, résidences de réadaptation
OPCI PREIM Défense 2
Immobilier de bureaux

OPCI PREIM Défense 2

Location : La Défense
Creation date : 2013
Asset values : 457 M€
Immeuble de bureaux : tour HOPEN : bureaux
SCI Lyon Blackbear
Immobilier de bureaux

SCI Lyon Blackbear

Location : Lyon
Creation date : 2018
Asset values : 260 M€
Immeuble de bureaux : Blackbear : Bureaux
SCI PREIM Hospitality
Immobilier de bureaux

SCI PREIM Hospitality

Location : France, Italie
Creation date : 2019
Asset values : 400 M€
Portefeuille hôtelier : Enseigne B&B

Example of an institutional fund: the club deal

The structuring of real estate investment funds can take the form of club deals, co-investments or dedicated funds. As a management company,
Primonial REIM France takes care of the entire transaction set-up.

Here is an example of a club deal from Primonial REIM France:

Fonctionnement institutionnel


Real estate investment

Sourcing (identification of acquisition projects), conducting due diligence, negotiating the terms of the transaction and execution


Structuring the acquisition

Structuring of funds, including bank financing, asset-liability management, performance reporting, monitoring of liquidity and prudential ratios.


Asset Management

Management of the relationship with the tenant(s) and piloting, alongside the property managers and marketers, the proper execution of real estate business plans.


Organization of the governance

Management within the framework of the articles of association or a shareholders' agreement of the life of the fund (governance, decisions, important, liquidity, etc.) until its liquidation

A dedicated team

At Primonial REIM France, we have a team dedicated to institutional investors. Privileged point of contact for our clients, it supports you over the whole structuring of the operation and is in charge of providing you with reports linked to the life of the fund.

Antoine Depigny Directeur Développement
Antoine Depigny Development Director

Julie Duvillier-Raoul Directeur Développement Institutionnel
Julie Duvillier-Raoul Corporate Finance & Institutional Development Director

Bastien Lescalmel Responsable Développement
Bastien Lescalmel Corporate Finance Manager

Ingrid Gosselin
Ingrid Gosselin Institutional Development Manager

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