Responsible business

People are at the heart of our actions

Creating sustainable value for everyone

The question of human beings, their health, comfort and freedom of use is at the heart of the evolution of real estate, as it is of our profession as managers.

We want to promote sustainable and inclusive real estate through our commitments to our investors, tenants and employees. To achieve our governance objectives, we have set up a non-financial committee at the highest level of the company with internal and external ambassadors.




We inject meaning into the

investments of our private and

institutional clients.


By proposing innovative real-estate solutions that are fully connected with the major environmental and social issues.

for our customers

Transparency, ethics and responsibility

  • We report to permanent external and internal control bodies (AMF, RCCI, Supervisory Board, Risk Committee), each of which has a different and well-defined role. These controls ensure the transparency of information vis-à-vis investors.
  • ​​​​​​​We regularly inform our individual and institutional investors of news concerning their investment. And we strive to be as educational as possible in our communications.
  • At Primonial REIM France, our teams support our clients, whether they are institutional investors, distribution partners or individuals, with a perfect understanding of the issues and challenges of each.




We guarantee the health

and comfort of our

buildings' occupants


We are committed to developing close relationships and partnerships with our tenant customers, to help them meet their specific development needs (healthcare operators, hotels, etc.).

We offer a range of services tailored to the needs and expectations of our building occupants, including concierge services, catering and flexible spaces.

Our Asset Management and Property Management teams are the first point of contact for our tenant customers, supporting them in their day-to-day real estate needs.

Certified buildings

Within our Primopierre SCPI, over 2/3 of our office buildings are certified to the highest market standards.





Quality of life at work

At Primonial REIM France, we are committed to respecting our corporate commitments to our employees. To this end, each employee receives regular training on the company's sustainable development strategy, so that together we can build a sustainable, inclusive future and make a difference in society.

At Primonial REIM France, employees are at the center of our attention, and we are committed to enriching each person's individual career path, enabling professional and personal fulfillment, and maintaining a stimulating and dynamic work environment,

Our offices are places where employees feel at ease; the layout has been designed to encourage mobility and offer teams a flexible working environment, adapting to different uses throughout the day. We take care to create links between teams through a rich and diversified program of in-house events.


We have been signatories of the Diversity Charter since 2017. The objective of this is to show our national commitment to cultural, ethnic and social diversity within our organisation.





Our commitment to

community service


Committing to and supporting associations working in the healthcare and education sectors, uniting employees around solidarity projects and promoting a more inclusive society are convictions that drive the teams at Primonial REIM France on a daily basis.

We advocate access to healthcare and easier access for all to quality care that meets the needs of patients, their families and the work of healthcare professionals. At Primonial REIM France, we are committed to supporting pediatric medicine, as well as clinical research projects on the management of rare diseases, chronic illnesses and disabilities in the youngest patients.

Support for the Hôpital Necker - Enfants Malades


For a number of years, Primonial REIM France has been supporting the Necker Hospital - the French reference in Children’s diseases. It currently has children’s wards covering all of the medical and surgical specialities as well as some specialised services for adults. In addition to the excellent quality of its healthcare and scientific research, the quality of life of the patient’s and their loved ones are an essential part of the Necker hospital’s strategic project.
Since January 2020, the Primovie SCPI, which invests in Primonial REIM France’s healthcare and education real-estate, has been participating in the support and sponsoring of the Necker Hospital- Children’s Diseases: for each subscription to new holdings in Primovie the asset management company was able to make a donation to the hospital*.
*0.035% of the gross collection by the Primovie SCPI up to €350,000,000 collected over the previous financial year, and 0.025% of the gross collection above that threshold (see January 2020 Primovie SCPI information bulletin).