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On the net asset value date of 14/02/2024, new and/or deferred redemption orders (net of any subscriptions) exceeded 1% of the fund's net assets. The management company has applied the gating mechanism provided for in the fund documentation.


Residential real estate in bare ownership


What is an OPCI?


How to invest in OPCI ?

OPCI PREIMium (real estate collective investment undertaking), a property investment savings solution

OPCI PREIMium was created in 2016 and is aimed at any investor who wishes to diversify their savings and make a long-term placement by investing mainly in property assets and some financial products.

OPCI PREIMium, a property investment savings solution

OPCI PREIMium is a diversified collective investment savings solution through which you will be investing in:

  • Property holdings in the office building, retail, residential, hotel, healthcare and educational institution sectors held directly and/or indirectly through participations in French and Euro Zone real-estate oriented trusts.
  • Financial assets including property or other related bonds and financial contracts managed by la Financière de l’Echiquier.

The OPCI has the obligation of distributing at least 85 % of its rental income and 50 % of any property sales gains to its associates, PREIMium’s management objective is to maintain an asset portfolio such that it can propose a regular potential income to its associates as well as long term share value perspectives in return for the fees paid to the asset management company.

Why invest in OPCI PREIMium?


Investment targets that are mostly property related

With PREIMium you will benefit from property assets selected for their type and location such that they will generate potential property performances for you in return for the fees that you pay to the asset management company.


A long-term income and valuation objective

The management objective of PREIMium is to ensure that you have assets capable of offering you regular potential income as well as a possible valuation of shares over a long term. The OPCI has the obligation to distribute to you at least 85% of the rents received and 50% of the capital gains realized on the disposal of goods. The potential rents received and any capital gains are not guaranteed. The objective of the fund is the rental of real estate and their disposal is envisaged in the long term. Distribution is semi-annual.


Savings available from a few hundred euros

PREIMium assures you of the availability of your savings according to your needs and within a maximum period of 2 months. The OPCI directly and / or indirectly owns buildings whose sale involves delays which will depend on the state of the real estate markets. In the event of a redemption request (redemption) of your shares, the amount you will receive may be less than that which you had invested, linked to a drop in the value of the assets of the OPCI, in particular the real estate market, on the recommended period of your investment (10 years).

Become an OPCI PREIMium associate

Conditions of subscription to 31/01/2024

Minimum duration of investment : 10 years
149 117 968,87 €
89,16€ / share
89,13€ / share
87,29€ / share

The OPCI directly and/or indirectly possesses property the sale of which may involve delays subject to the state of the property market at the time. In the event of a request for the reimbursement of your shares, it is possible that your funds will not be paid to you before two (2) months have passed as of the date that their liquidated value is established. Also, the amount that you receive may be less than your initial investment, if the value of the OPCI’s assets drops during the investment period, especially as regards the property market.

Risque de perte en capital

1 - Risk of capital loss

The SPPICAV offers no guarantee of capital protection. Investors are warned that their capital is not guaranteed and may not be returned or may only be partially returned. Investors should not invest in the SPPICAV if they are unable to bear the consequences of such a loss. Exposure to these risks may result in a decrease in the net asset value.

Risque de liquidité

2 - Liquidity risk

The real estate market offers limited liquidity. Sustained demand for redemption of OPCI units over a short period of time may have an unfavorable impact on the sale price of properties that must be disposed of within a limited timeframe, which could have an unfavorable impact on net asset value.

Risque de marché

3 - Discretionary management risk

The management style practiced by the SPPICAV and its delegates is based on anticipating the evolution of the various markets and/or on the selection of assets. There is a risk that the SPPICAV may not be invested in the best performing markets or properties at all times. The performance of the SPPICAV may be lower than the management objective and the net asset value of the SPPICAV may record a negative performance.

Risque lié à l'endettement

4 - Debt and credit risk

Fluctuations in the real estate market may significantly reduce the debt repayment capacity and fluctuations in the credit market may reduce the sources of financing and significantly increase the cost of such financing. Leverage has the effect of increasing the investment capacity of the SPPICAV but may also increase the risk of loss.

Risques liés à des investissements dans des actifs immobiliers

5 - Risks related to investments in real estate assets

Changes in the real estate market may lead to significant variations in the value of buildings, as may changes in the rental market (risk of vacancy or non-payment of rent) and the level of technical performance of buildings.

Risques liés à des investissements dans des actifs financiers

6 - Risks related to investments in financial assets / contracts

Fluctuations in the prices of the OPCI's financial assets may have a positive or negative impact on the OPCI's net asset value. The market risk is the risk of a general fall in the price of the financial assets in which the OPCI invests.

Unlisted real estate
Listed real estate
Flexible management
Autres actifs
Source: Primonial REIM France at 03/31/2023. Past allocations do not prejudge future allocations.
Healthcare / Education
Source : Primonial REIM France au 03/31/2023
Parisian region
Euro zone (Germany, Netherland, Spain, Luxembourg)
Source : Primonial REIM France at 03/31/2022

The investments of the OPCI PREIMIUM

The real estate assets of the PREIMium OPCI are composed of buildings located in France and in the Eurozone, directly and/or indirectly held through participations that can be managed by Primonial REIM France and made up of different asset classes in the office, retail, housing, hotel, health and education sectors.

Preimium is also composed of a financial pocket (35% max of the allocation) and a liquidity pocket (5% min.)

Past investments are not a reliable indicator of future investments.

Tour Hekla

Tour Hekla

Puteaux, France
Carré Pleyel

Carré Pleyel

Saint-Denis, France
Dueo Galeo Trieo

Dueo Galeo Trieo

Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France
Hôtel B&B
Residential and hospitality

Hôtel B&B

Mulhouse, France

Trouver un actif

Frequently asked questions

How does an OPCI work?

By investing in an OPCI, the investor becomes the owner of shares in a company that holds real estate and financial securities.
The capital of the OPCI management company is made up of several assets. These include commercial real estate (55% to 65%), 25% in transferable securities (equities, bonds, currencies, etc.) and at least 5% in cash.

What are the advantages of collective real estate?

Access to a diversified portfolio starting from just a few hundred euros
2  broad diversification (geographical zones, asset classes, property types, etc.)
3  Professional management 
4  Risk is shared across a large portfolio 

How do I subscribe?

OPCI PREIMium units can be subscribed to directly, and are also available as units of account in all life insurance policies distributed by Primonial. Contact your wealth management advisor.



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Our products present a risk of capital loss due to the evolution of the real estate markets. Income is not guaranteed and may rise or fall depending on the performance of the fund. Investment in OPCI units is considered for the long term with a recommended investment horizon of 10 years. Liquidity is limited, as the management company does not guarantee the resale of units. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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