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OPCI PREIM ISR - Capping & deferral of redemption orders

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OPCI PREIM ISR - Report des ordres de rachat

On the net asset value date of [date], new and/or deferred redemption orders (net of any subscriptions) exceeded 1% of the fund's net assets. The management company has applied the gating mechanism provided for in the fund documentation.

At this net asset value date, the cash immediately available to meet redemptions amounted to [x]% of the fund's net assets ; the management company, in consideration of the fund's commitments and debt servicing, has decided to devote [y]% of the fund's net assets to honoring redemptions so that [z]% of the amount of orders awaiting execution will be paid to associates with a withdrawal order awaiting execution, within the settlement period of 8 business days from the last centralization date as stipulated in the prospectus.

Remaining orders are carried forward to the next net asset value date, in 2 weeks' time. The management company would like to remind you that "round-trip" orders are not affected by the gating mechanism, and invites you to consult its website regularly in order to follow the progress of redemption order execution.



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