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Our conviction

Ile-de-France (the region surrounding Paris) is now one of the more sought after locations for property investments in Europe, it is one of the largest office building property areas in the world with more than 52 million m2.

This is a market with solid fundamentals (high demand, limited offer, attractive risk premium), it has developed its ability to attract through transparency, dense public transport networks and a diverse office property offer. The Grand Paris projects, with the renewed attraction of the ‘Défense’, have redefined the map of attractive commercial property markets.

Investment strategy

Office building investment and asset management is a fundamental part of Primonial REIM France’s DNA.

Investment market developments - record investment volumes and measured/rental values - in conjunction with an environment where the potential for the compression of long term products seems limited, must lead us to generate future value, whilst remaining defensive, by targeting:

  • Off-plan projects and assets to be restructured in mature and deep markets (“build-to-core”);
  • Property with a significant reversion potential: either driven by a regional dynamic (public transport in ‘Grand Paris’, the development of a commercial zone, changes to a Local Urbanisation Plan, etc.), or related to a terminated leasing reversion (low rent assets or repositioning in their rental market);
  • “Core” properties, where the two primary investment decision criteria continue to be the location and rental amounts in practice.
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The team

Our teams include a high level of office specialised investment and asset management skills.

We can also rely on the support of our dedicated Property Management subsidiary: Sefal Property

Julie Duvillier-Raoul Directeur Développement Institutionnel
Julie Duvillier-Raoul Corporate Finance & Institutional Development Director

Robin Schreder Responsable Investissements Bureaux
Robin Schreder Office Investments Manager

9 years of experience
Office Investments team: 3 people

Fabien Cabot Responsable Asset Management Bureaux
Fabien Cabot Office Asset Management Supervisor

15 years of experience
Office asset management team: 12 people

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