Our CSR commitments

The real estate situation has changed.
Just like our society

The city pushes at its walls.
Resources are running low.
Climate issues are multiplying.
Technology is further extending our ambitions.
Solidarity changes faces.

In this constantly changing world,
Only ethical convictions remain.

At primonial reim,

A way which will engage the responsibility and expertise of every individual.
A way that will give new meaning to standards and performance.
A way where the human aspect will be the origin of every reflection
and the destination of each innovation.



This way bares a commitment and a name like conviction:

Stéphanie Lacroix Directrice Générale Primonial REIM SCPI

Since Primonial REIM France was first founded in 2011, we have sought to broaden the perspectives of our role as a specialist in asset management, by incorporating environmental issues in the service of the community, in direct relation with the values of development, solidarity and exchange which are so important to us.

Stéphanie Lacroix
MANAGING DIRECTOR, primonial reim France




RSE Primonial REIM Time4 une planète durable
RSE Primonial REIM Time4 une planète durable pictogramme terre


Optimise real-estate energy efficiency. Encourage innovative projects. Reduce the building stock’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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RSE Primonial REIM Time4 une ville inclusive
RSE Primonial REIM Time4 une ville inclusive immobilier immeuble building


Think about real-estate in the city. A city where all of the uses mix together, where needs and expertise interlock, where talents and energies meet up. Give solidarity a new place to exist. Encourage urban ties and increase will-power.

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RSE Primonial REIM Time4 humain people
RSE Primonial REIM Time4 humain people

The human aspect

Provide our investor clients with everything they need to make enlightened decisions. Add meaning to their investments by proposing innovative real estate solutions. Make the fulfilment of each employee into a vector for our collective success. Encourage access to healthcare, education, housing, work, training and leisure to as many people as possible.

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RSE Primonial REIM Time4 mécénat engagement share
RSE Primonial REIM Time4 mécénat engagement share


Federate socially oriented associations around projects that will encourage education and public health. Develop sponsorship actions.

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Surveying the involved parties to organise the priorities

As part of our SRI approach, we have surveyed the expectations of our involved parties (investors, leaseholders, property managers, employees) in order to evaluate their feelings and expectations concerning the environmental, social and governance issues we have identified through our activities. This principle, known as materiality, allowed us to prioritise the actions to be implemented as part of our SRI policy depending on their general degree of importance for the involved parties.


A complete overview of the ESG stakes

Extra-financial materiality table

Primonial REIM is a signatory of the principles for responsible investment

logo PRI ONU développement durable

Primonial REIM is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) charter as laid out by the Secretary General of the United Nations and which aims to assist investors in integrating environmental, social and governance considerations (ESG) in their investment decisions.

Primonial REIM subscribes to sustainable development objectives

logo ONU développement durable

Primonial REIM subscribes to the United Nations sustainable development objectives, especially those that aim to facilitate access to healthcare, sustainable cities and communities as well as in the fight against climate change:

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