Time for sharing


Our commitment to community services




The values of solidarity and

exchange which are so dear to us.

Committing to supporting healthcare and education NGOs, federating staff around supportive projects and promoting a more inclusive society are the convictions that drive the staff of Primonial REIM France forwards on a daily basis.

In June 2020, Primonial announced the creation of the Primonial Group Foundation to federate and intensify the actions lead by the Group’s different entities in support of education, insertion and healthcare initiatives.

This new corporate foundation operates under the auspices of the “Foundation de France” and will take over the management of all of the commitment and sponsorship initiatives that have been launched by the various Primordial Group entities to date.



in support of healthcare

and education

The right to healthcare

We defend the right of every individual to have simple and easy access to quality healthcare which will meet the needs of patients, their families and working needs of healthcare professionals.   At Primonial REIM, we are committed to supporting paediatric medicine as well as clinical research projects into the treatment of rare diseases, chronic illnesses and patient handicaps, especially where children are concerned.

Education projects

Because education can change the world and today there are still many restrictive factors which mean that thousands of people in France do not have access to a good education, we are passionately committed to supporting education and training oriented projects which will give everyone the opportunity to choose and construct their own futures.



Our financial support

for the defined projects

Our support for our partners takes the form of financial donations, oriented in terms of the needs of the associations such that we can support specific projects and have a real vision of the results of these initiatives.




The active involvement
of our staff

As well as our direct financial support, our staff have also become involved in supporting our partner associations. Repainting Social care centres for children, helping with charity food parcels, helping young people to get back into work, workshops with community leaders to reconsider housing solutions for pensioners.

The Primonial REIM France staff are committed to being involved in public interest projects.




a long-term relationship

with our partners

We have long-term relations with the associations that we support in order to increase and sustain our impact.

Support for the Hôpital Necker - Enfants Malades


For a number of years, Primonial REIM France has been supporting the Necker Hospital - the French reference in Children’s diseases. It currently has children’s wards covering all of the medical and surgical specialities as well as some specialised services for adults. In addition to the excellent quality of its healthcare and scientific research, the quality of life of the patient’s and their loved ones are an essential part of the Necker hospital’s strategic project.
Since January 2020, the Primovie SCPI, which invests in Primonial REIM France’s healthcare and education real-estate, has been participating in the support and sponsoring of the Necker Hospital- Children’s Diseases: for each subscription to new holdings in Primovie the asset management company was able to make a donation to the hospital*.
*0.035% of the gross collection by the Primovie SCPI up to €350,000,000 collected over the previous financial year, and 0.025% of the gross collection above that threshold (see January 2020 Primovie SCPI information bulletin).