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The first brick of the Hekla Tower is laid in Paris La Défense

Delivery planned for 2022











Patrick Albrand, Chairman of Hines France, and Serge Fautré, Chief Executive Officer of AG Real Estate, in the presence of Monsieur Patrick Devedjian, President of the Hauts-de-Seine and Paris La Défense Department, Madame Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud, Mayoress of Puteaux, Monsieur Jean Nouvel, the project’s architect, Jean-Marc Coly, Managing Director of Amundi Immobilier and Grégory Frapet, Chairman of the board of Primonial REIM, who have jointly acquired the HEKLA Tower, along with Xavier Huillard, Chief Executive Officer of Vinci, building contractor of the tower, laid the first brick of the Hekla Tower in Paris La Défense on Monday 17 June 2019.

This symbolic gesture of “laying the first brick” officially launched the construction phase of this iconic building which, in 2022, will become the workplace for as many as 5,800 employees in some of the most innovative, welcoming and environmentally friendly work spaces in Paris La Défense.

This ceremony also served to spotlight the significant progress in the collaboration between Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the HEKLA project architect, and the 6 “Creatives” collective that they work with.

Patrick Albrand, Chairman of Hines France: “The whole of the Hines Group is very proud to celebrate this important day in the company or the Mayoress of Puteaux, Madame Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud, and the President of the Hauts-de-Seine Department, Monsieur Patrick Devedjian. The HEKLA Tower is clearly a very ambitious project which will add a new dimension to the Rose de Cherboug, a quarter of Puteaux and Paris La Défense which is currently being completely reinvented. We are very happy to have been able to share this vision with our partners: Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Amundi Immobilier, Primonial REIM, Bateg, subsidiary of VINCI Construction France and our ‘Creatives’ collective. “

Serge Fautré, Chief Executive Officer of AG Real Estate: “The HEKLA Tower is the offspring of the hard work and expertise of all of the teams involved in this emblematic project. It is the prefect embodiment of our ambitions. HEKLA will be an exceptional masterpiece which will become a reference in terms of innovation and the creativity of its user services and a keystone in the development of this emblematic quarter. “

Xavier Huillard, Chief Executive Officer of VINCI: “We are very proud to be managing the works for this exceptional project and to continue our successful collaboration with Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Ever since the creation of the La Défense business quarter, the subsidiaries of the Group have never stopped contributing to its transformation and development. Today, VINCI is involved in the construction of the new Eole station for CNIT and is finishing the works on the Tour Saint-Gobain, amongst others. With the Hekla Tower, La Défense will have a new generation building with audacious architecture meeting the most demanding criteria. “

Pedro Antonio Arias, Real and alternative assets director for Amundi: “It is absolutely fundamental for Amundi Immobilier to be present in the heart of this leading European business quarter. This is why we have strengthened our position with the acquisition of the Tour Egée in 2016, the Coeur Défense in 2017 and now the emblematic Hekla Tower. In keeping with our real estate strategy, it will have the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and user comfort. “

Grégory Frapet, Chairman of Primonial REIM: “This first brick that we laid today marks the start of the works on an emblematic project, the results of a great vision shared with our partners. With its 220 metre height, the Hekla Tower will complete the Skyline of La Défense whilst fitting seamlessly into its surroundings. This unique, new generation object is already a reference for major tenants thanks to its resolutely innovative conception, the range of services on offer and the excellence of its projected environmental performances. “

HEKLA will represent an especially inspired and creative chapter in the history business real-estate through both its exceptional architecture and its desire to propose an entirely new user experience. HEKLA will be a genuine model for excellence a clear sign of French success, with the vocation of being a true source of inspiration for the future.

This was also the occasion for the project backers to present the “Creatives”, a collective of young talents, symbols of French excellence, working with Jean Nouvel.

This collective is made up of:

• Edouard Detrez, Entrepreneur, Creator of Fauteuil Roulant Français,

• Grégory Dupont, Trainer for the French National Football Team,

• Ramy Fischler, Designer,

• Marion Flipo, Business owner,

• Julia de Funès, Philosopher,

• Rand Hindi, Data Scientist and Entrepreneur.

Each “Creative” has manifested their thorough enthusiasm at the idea of being involved in this project which is an opportunity to completely rethink the daily life of employees working in high-rise buildings.

Jean Nouvel, HEKLA project architect: “With its contextual architecture, HEKLA fits perfectly into the Paris La Défense of the 21st century. The aim is to bring something new to the precision and precocity of La Défense’s various skylines through its pertinent complementarity: through sparks of character. This project’s philosophy is also to offer the pleasure of working together in innovative spaces. “

For Patrick Devedjian, President of the Hauts-de-Seine and Paris La Défense Department:

“The Rose de Cherbourg project is a fine example of the Paris La Défense urbanisation strategy. It combines commercial real estate that respects the environment with high quality architecture in the form of the HEKLA Tower, the creation of quality and landscaped public spaces with the reinvention of a disused motorway slip-road into a wooded pedestrian promenade, a mixed population with the Campuséa student residence and a better connection with the city. “

The HEKLA Tower is located 300 metres from the “Coeur Transport” in Paris La Défense, it is an integral part of the reinvention of the new Rose de Cherbourg quarter into an urban living space. Paris La Défense will include high quality urban planning with the reinvention of a disused motor-way slip-road into a landscaped promenade which will link up with the Tour HEKLA creating new connections between La Défense and Puteaux. This architectural masterpiece demonstrates the will to meet the most demanding comfort, health and well-being criteria of its future occupiers. The HEKLA Tower is a new generation high-rise which aims to incorporate the highest possible French and international environmental certifications: it is currently applying for a triple HAE, BREEAM and LEED certification combined with the EFFINERGIE+ label which will improve the HEKLA Tower’s energy efficiency, with the WELL label for the well-being of its 5,800 future occupiers and the WiredScore label guaranteeing its perfect connectivity.

“The HEKLA Tower will contribute to increasing the attraction of Paris La Défense and the Grand Paris Metropolis as a whole. The construction of the HEKLA is the result of La Défense’s ambitious development vision. All of these environmental and technical performances combine to make this an emblematic project on an international scale. HEKLA will be a clear and attractive signpost for Paris La Défense.” says Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud, Mayoress of Puteaux.

During the official ceremony, a virtual immersive elevator made from a wall of LED screens rotated 180° was used to provide the guests with a chance to live the “HEKLA experience” and admire the spectacular views that will be on hand from the top of the Tower once it is complete as if they were really there. This was also a chance to a get a very first look at 3D images of the project. This installation will soon be set up in the HEKLA marketing suite on the esplanade next to the project site to propose realistic visits to the Tower’s interior spaces.

About Primonial REIM

Primonial Real Estate Investment Management (Primonial REIM) is a portfolio management company certified by the AMF in 2011; it creates and manages a range of investment schemes based on strong property market convictions. Its main objective is to propose a range of SCPI that invest in office, retail, health/education and residential property to the broadest possible client-base.

As a portfolio management company Primonial REIM sets up and manages OPCI (specifically aimed at either institutional or general public investors). On 10 June 2014 Primonial REIM received AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) certification from the Autorités des Marchés Financiers (Financial Markets Regulator), and is therefore subjected to strengthened obligations in terms of information, liquidity monitoring and risk management. The Board of Directors includes Grégory FRAPET as Chairman, Stéphanie LACROIX, Managing Director and Tristan MAHAUT, General Secretary. About the HEKLA Tower

The HEKLA Tower will be 220 metres high and, on its final delivery in 2022, will include 76.000 m² of office spaces on 48 floors with enough room for 5,800 employees.

HEKLA represents the final achievement of a close collaboration between Ateliers Jean Nouvel, for its talent, Hines and AG Real Estate, for their extensive major commercial project experience, along with Amundi Immobilier and Primonial REIM for their confidence and investment in the development of this emblematic project. The HEKLA Tower anticipates the emergence of new working and living trends. It was conceived as a strong architectural statement and will bring balance to the Paris La Défense skyline. Hines, AG Real Estate, Amundi Immobilier and Primonial REIM are all convinced that the HEKLA Tower will be a unique and coherent place for a company that backs a “great corporate project”.

About Paris La Défense

The Tour HEKLA is located 300 metres from the “Coeur Transport” in Paris La Défense, it is an integral part of the reinvention of the new Rose de Cherbourg quarter which will involve a very high standard of urbanisation with the reinvention of the Boulevard circular ring into a landscaped promenade inspired by New York’s High Line.

The main projects completed by PARIS LA DEFENSE:

• The creation of suspended gardens on a disused motorway slip-road, transforming it into a pedestrian/soft transport area, open to walking and sports activities.

• The reinvention of a part of the circular boulevard into an urban boulevard:

• The creation of clear and comfortable links between Puteaux and La Défense, notably the re-planning of a central square near to the crossroads with the avenue Général de Gaulle.

• The creation of a new park out of rarely visited and disused landscaped areas in the same dynamic as the hanging gardens.

• Retail units

About the Hines Group

Hines is a private company that was founded in 1957 and is present in 214 cities over 24 countries. The Hines Group currently manages 105.4 billion euros of property assets, 58.1 billion euro of which Hines acts as a trust and 47.3 billion euro of which they act on behalf of third parties. Since it was first founded, Hines has constructed, renovated or acquired 1,348 projects representing almost 41.3 million de m2. Its current asset and property management portfolio includes 512 assets, representing almost 21 million m2.

The Hines Group are highly reputed for their extensive expertise in investing in all types of assets and their pioneering commitment to sustainable development, notably with the constitution of green funds in 1992 and their participation in the creation of the Well-Living Lab, they are one of the world’s leading real estate businesses. Since they started doing business in Europe in 1991, Hines has developed its European presence across 55 cities in 13 countries where Hines has more than 16.7 billion euro of assets under management in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Hines France and AG Real Estate will be assisting Amundi Immobilier and Primonial REIM in the leasehold promotion of the HEKLA Tower. Hines France, arrived on the French market in 1995,

it applies its expertise and knowledge to a significant experience of head offices, IGH and notably La Défense region where they have developed over 350,000 m2, including the EDF, Engie, Carpe Diem Towers and the WINDOW building. Hines France is currently promoting 380,000 m2 of office space including the Saint-Gobain Tower project in la Défense and the DUO Towers (Paris 13ème). And finally, Hines France’s Investment Management activity has a portfolio of 2.8 billion euro in assets under management which has allowed it to get to know and anticipate the requirements of major users.

About AG Real Estate

AG Real Estate is a 100% owned subsidiary of AG Insurance and is active in various real estate sectors: Asset & Property Management, Development & Construction Management, PPP and Property Financing, as well as Car Park Management through its Interparking subsidiary. AG Real Estate has an under management portfolio, on its own behalf as well as for third parties, worth over 6 billion euro. It has more than 250 employees with varying skills and profiles and more than 2,300 people employed in the management of car parks across 9 European countries.

AG Real Estate France is the French subsidiary of AG Real Estate the recognised real estate leader in Belgium. AG Real Estate France operates on the French market and concentrates on its core specialisation: real estate promotion and investment in corporate property.

Some important figures...

By the end of 2016, AG Real Estate France had developed almost 200,000 m2 of commercial property and 370,000 m2 of logistics representing a total of €1.4 billion, once the pure investments portfolio for the same period are incorporated. In spring 2017, the managed projects portfolio represented, for its part, a potential surface area of 240,000 m2. AG Real Estate France is currently developing 300,000 m2 of projects. The acquisitions portfolio is very diverse including offices, business hotels, retail, logistics and car-parks.

About Amundi Immobilier

Amundi Immobilier is the Amundi Group’s asset management company specialised in developing, structuring and managing property trusts aimed at private investors, private banks and their agents, institutions, major businesses and real estate professionals. They are the France’s leading fund collection and capitalisation company for general public SCPI and OPCI (IEIF - December 2018), they have 31 billion euro under management*.

 Amundi Immobilier is a subsidiary of the Amundi Group.

* Amundi Immobilier statistics dated 31 December 2018


VINCI is a global concessions and contracting business with more than 210,000 employees across about a hundred countries. Its mission is to design, finance, construct and manage infrastructures and facilities that contribute to improving day-to-day living and mobility for the whole population. VINCI’s vision of success is global and goes beyond pure economic results; they are committed to the environmental, social and corporate performances of their activities. Since VINCI’s projects are public interest, it considers listening and exchanging with all of the parties involved in its projects as an essential condition to its activity. VINCI’s ambition is also to create long-term value for its clients, shareholders, employees, partners and society as a whole.

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