Héloïse Breton nommée Responsable de la relation clients locataires et du marketing des immeubles au sein de la direction Asset Management de Primonial REIM

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Héloïse Breton named Tenant customer relations and property marketing manager

for the Primonial REIM Asset Management direction

Primonial REIM welcomes Héloïse BRETON as Tenant customer relations and property marketing manager for the Asset Management direction, which has a staff of around forty. Héloïse’s direct superior is Charles RAGONS, the company’s Asset Management Director.

The creation of this position is a response to Primonial REIM current high growth situation - which now has more than €22 billion in assets under management, 1,200 properties, 7,000 tenants - and fits perfectly into the Asset Management Direction’s strategic ambition to:

strengthen relations with its tenant customers (offices, healthcare/education, residential, retail and hotels) to assist them with their many property-related issues,

integrate current and future property user expectations in terms of uses and services,

pay special attention to the experiences of the users of properties managed by Primonial REIM.

Héloïse’s mission will be to steer all of PREIM’s relations with its tenant clients via a partnership approach with the Key Account clients, work on positioning the properties on their markets and place the client at the centre of our preoccupations in order to develop an adapted and innovative real estate offer.

Charles RAGONS, Asset Management Director at Primonial REIM stated: “I am very happy to welcome Héloïse into the Primonial REIM Asset Management Direction. Her arrival is a testimony to the importance we place in taking the issues of our tenant clients on board in order to develop property solutions adapted to their needs and continue to increase the quality, comfort and services we offer to asset users and visitors.”

Biography of Héloïse BRETON, Tenant Client Relations and Property Marketing Manager

Héloïse BRETON graduated from Sciences-Po in Paris and the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, United States.

For more than 13 years, Héloïse has been working alongside corporate property users to assist them in defining the implementation of their property strategy. She started her career in 2007 for AOS Studley (in Paris as Property Strategies Consultant, before joining the Parella firm in 2011 as Property Strategy Project Director.

In 2015 she joined JLL Paris as Consulting and Transaction Management Director; and supported the transformation projects of some major Parisian corporations, before moving to Marseilles in 2017 to set up their Mediterranean Corporate Solutions advisory team, which is the position she occupied until now.

About Primonial REIM

Primonial Real Estate Investment Management (Primonial REIM) is a portfolio management company certified by the AMF in 2011; it creates and manages a range of investment schemes based on strong property market convictions. Its main objective is to propose a range of SCPI that invest in office, retail, health/education and residential property to the broadest possible client-base.

As a portfolio management company Primonial REIM sets up and manages OPCI (specifically aimed at either institutional or general public investors). On 10 June 2014 Primonial REIM received AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) certification from the Autorités des Marchés Financiers (Financial Markets Regulator), and is therefore subjected to strengthened obligations in terms of information, liquidity monitoring and risk management. The Board of Directors includes Grégory FRAPET as Chairman, Stéphanie LACROIX, Managing Director and Tristan MAHAUT, General Secretary.

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