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Odyssey, the new ambitious mixed-use project of Primonial REIM France

That's it! The prefect of the Hauts-de-Seine has issued the building permit for the Odyssey project.

Odyssey is the construction of three new towers that will replace the Tours Miroirs in La Défense (92) with the aim of perfectly integrating the new challenges of the La Défense district. Here is a look at this ambitious project.

Projet Odyssey La défense

The Odyssey complex will develop a 140,000 m2 mixed-use programme on the site of Les Miroirs, the former headquarters of Saint-Gobain, consisting of three towers of 95 m, 150 m and 187 m, replacing the current 69 m towers and increasing its surface area by almost 40,000 m2. The project was designed by three international architectural firms: Cro&Co Architecture, Studio Gang and CroMe Studio.

Primonial REIM France has focused on the unique dimension of the project, which combines several uses around a pedestrianised central square open to the public. A mixed-use programme will be developed with offices (111,000 sqm), hotel and tourist accommodation (20,000 sqm) and shops (9,000 sqm):

  • The 187 m tower will be dedicated solely to offices with balconies on all floors.
  • The 95 m tower will house cafés and restaurants on three levels, as well as residential and office space.
  • The 150 m tower will house offices, a hotel and a rooftop open to the public.
  • At the foot of the three towers, there will be shops.
  • Finally, the programme includes more than 20,000 m2 of green spaces.

The project has a strong ambition: to create an urban link between Courbevoie and the La Défense esplanade. Odyssey will contribute to the objective of "reinventing" the business district by providing a better link between Courbevoie town centre and the slab, as well as transforming the circular boulevard into an urban boulevard better suited to a mix of modes of transport and more extensive planting.

Charles Ragons

The existing complex is an inward-looking fortress that creates a divide between the city and the business district. We want to recreate this link between La Défense and the surrounding areas.

Charles Ragons
Asset Management Director, Primonial REIM France
Projet Odyssey La Défense
Projet Odyssey La Défense