Putting people at the heart of our actions

People and healthcare have become a major global issue. The Covid-19 crisis has (re)placed them at the centre of current global, national and individual preoccupations and priorities.

Having been on the front-line during the Covid-19 pandemic, the healthcare system is now definitely at the centre of current social issues. And this will be even more so in the future, as countries realise the extent to which they will have to rethink their healthcare systems and make the huge investments that will allow them to offer health services able to meet the expectations of their populations especially in terms of infrastructure and healthcare and social care facilities.

right to



We defend the right of every individual to have simple and easy access to healthcare treatment. An offer that will be both qualitative and in keeping with the needs of patients, their families and healthcare professionals.

Primonial REIM France is a signatory of the UN PRI, a United Nations initiative which encourages responsible investment to incite investors to integrate the Environmental, Social and corporate Governance factors of businesses into the management of their portfolios. We are especially committed to having a positive impact on objective n° 3 “Good health and Well-being” for example:

  • Reduce mortality rates caused by non-transmissible diseases and promoting mental health and well-being (target 3.4)
  • Provide access to high quality essential healthcare services (target 3.8)
  • Reduce the incidence of diseases caused by dangerous chemical substances, pollution or air, water and soil contamination (target 3.9)


We are committed to supporting the medical research carried out by our partner, the Necker Hospital - Children’s Diseases AP-HP

With the Primovie SCPI, Primoniam REIM France was the first asset management company to connect French savings schemes with healthcare, education and socially active real-estate. Since January 2020, the Primovie SCPI has been involved in supporting and sponsoring the Necker Hospital - Children’s Diseases department: the asset management company was able to make a donation to the hospital for each subscription to new holdings in Primovie. You can also make your own personal donation to the Necker Hospital to help them with their research.

Support for the Hôpital Necker - Enfants malades


For many years we have been supporting various innovative patient-care quality and performance improvement projects initiated by the Necker Hospital-Children’s Diseases department, the national-reference hospital for paediatrics.

In addition to the excellent quality of its healthcare and scientific research, the quality of life of the patient’s and their loved ones are an essential part of the Necker hospital’s strategic project.

At Primonial REIM France, we have committed our support for clinical research projects into the treatment of rare diseases, chronic illnesses and patient handicaps, especially where children are concerned.




today and those of tomorrow



We think that healthcare real-estate will be at the heart of the “post-crisis” issues.
The public healthcare offer will not be enough on its own. It will be necessary to add and increase private investments into healthcare and social care real-estate in order to provide enough support to deal with future needs.

A new demographic and social situation




over the age of

80 ans


(1) Source: Primonial REIM Research Department

Financing needs

Between 60 and 90% of existing hospital beds are owned by public and institutional bodies.

This increasing need for further beds in medical retirement homes over the coming years will represent billions of euros in investments. Considering the huge scale of this demographic challenge, public sector financing of this type of healthcare is bound to hit budget limitations, especially in Europe. The private sector is therefore going to have to play a major role over the coming years.

Over the coming years we will be strengthening our commitment and our investments in healthcare and social care infrastructures.

Primonial REIM France,
the European leader in healthcare real estate with over €6 billion in assets under management.


Primonial REIM France first began to take an interest in healthcare and education real-estate in 2012, when they offered small investors the chance of orienting their savings towards the sector in order to meet specific financing needs, notably in terms of healthcare and social care infrastructure. Primonial REIM France, has since become Europe’s leading investment company for healthcare/education real-estate and has contributed to the development of a private complementary healthcare scheme that functions along the state national insurance system.


In the coming years we intend to continue our investments in real-estate sectors with a high social value as they expand in scale to meet the increasing demands of populations (increase in the proportion of pensioners in European populations, flexibility of family units, educational innovations, etc.).


More specifically we are contributing to supporting the transformation of the healthcare industry by assisting leaseholder operators in the modernisation and modification of existing hospital institutions as well as developing residential solutions (retirement homes, clinics, EHPAD, etc.) to meet the current and future needs of residents, patients and their families. 

Continuing our actions alongside local communities for the great national cause of looking after our elders

As a Founding partner of the “Grand Cause pour Nos Aînés” (the great cause of looking after our elders), launched by, along with all of the other parties involved, we are committed to considering and providing constructive and innovative responses to these issues, notably when it comes to providing homes for our elders.

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