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The keys to SCPI: choosing a quality SCPI

Episode 4

Investing in an SCPI means becoming a partner in a company that acquires and manages real estate assets. However, not all SCPIs offer the same returns or the same investment strategy.

To learn all about investing in SCPI, listen to our podcast Keys to SCPI.

LSCPIs (Société Civiles de Gestion Immobilière), also known as "pierre-papier", provide access to real estate investment without the hassle of managing a rental property directly: the management company is responsible for acquiring the buildings, maintaining them and collecting the rent on behalf of the SCPI.

Investing in SCPIs does not require a large initial investment either, since it is possible to invest as little as a few hundred euros or even on credit and thus indirectly become the owner of part of a real estate portfolio. It also makes it possible to invest in asset classes (office, health, education, hotel, retail, etc.) to which individuals rarely have access.

But the SCPI investment offer is vast. Between the rates of return, the distribution rates, the investment and management strategy, it is not easy, as an individual investor, to know which criteria to use to choose to entrust your money to one rather than another. It is true that when you invest directly in real estate, you know which property you are buying.

How do SCPIs choose the assets they acquire? How can we assess the expertise of management teams and their allocation choices? What is the outlook for SCPIs depending on their sector of activity?

Let's review with Grégory Frapet, President of Primonial REIM.