SCI Cap Santé

Only available as part of a life insurance policy

Cap Santé, health real estate in your life insurance

SCI Cap Santé is a non-trading property company whose objective is to build up, manage and develop a portfolio of unlisted healthcare property located in Europe. As a unit of account within your life insurance policy, SCI Cap Santé offers the attractive performance of European healthcare property.

SCI Cap Santé invests in all types of healthcare real estate in Europe.

Investing in all forms of healthcare property to meet the needs of the European population:

La SCI Cap Santé

Primonial REIM France's teams integrate ESG criteria into the acquisition and management process, using an exclusive approach developed by the management company. They carry out a precise measurement of the impact of the investments made through the monitoring of key indicators.

SCI Cap Santé

Why invest in SCI Cap Santé?

Primonial REIM France, a pioneer and leader in healthcare property in Europe for over 10 years

More than 10 billion euros under management
More than 40 employees, experts in healthcare real estate in Europe, covering all aspects of the real estate value chain (investment, asset management, property management)

A fund benefiting from a contribution of more than €100 million of healthcare real estate assets managed by another Primonial REIM France fund at creation

Cap Santé already has a portfolio of €100 million in real estate assets, consisting of 100 million in real estate assets, consisting of French healthcare establishments such as clinics, laboratories, medical and surgical facilities obstetrics

An annual performance objective of over 5%.

*The healthcare real estate sector is an acyclical sector, driven by favourable long-term demographic trends
*The European market is dominated by players with whom Primonial REIM has forged virtuous relationships, enabling Cap Santé to carry out exclusive transactions in addition to its selection of funds
*This dedicated positioning allows Cap Santé to target an average annual performance of over 5%. Performance is not guaranteed.

Responsible investments, classified under article 8 SFDR of the European Disclosure Regulation

Cap Santé promotes environmental and social criteria in its investment policy.

Why invest in SCI Cap Santé?
Why invest in SCI Cap Santé?
Why invest in SCI Cap Santé?
Why invest in SCI Cap Santé?

Primonial Capimmo key figures

Conditions of subscription to 28/06/2022

Minimum duration of investment : 8 years
at 28 June 2022
at 28 June 2022
RESULTS (since 31.12.2021)
at 28 June 2022
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Where can you find Primonial Capimmo?

Primonial Capimmo is available as a Unit of Account in a large number of life insurance policies. Speak to your asset management advisor.

What are the potential risks?

• Risk of capital loss

Primonial Capimmo provides no capital security guarantee. The invested capital may be returned only partially or not at all.

• Risk related to discretionary management

The management style used by Primonial CAPIMMO and its delegates is based on an anticipation of changes to various markets and/or the selection of assets. There is a risk that Primonial CAPIMMO is not always invested in the most lucrative markets or properties. The performance of Primonial CAPIMMO may be lower than the management objective and Primonial CAPIMMO’s liquidated value may be subject to a negative performance.

• Risks associated with investments in property assets

Real-estate market variations may lead to significant variations in property values, the same also applies in the leasing market (holiday let market, unpaid rent) and for the costs of technical property services. The potential revenues from property investments may rise or fall depending on the economic situation and/or the property markets and are not guaranteed

. • Risks associated with investments in financial assets

Fluctuations in the prices of financial assets held by Primonial CAPIMMO may have a positive or negative impact on the liquidated value. The market risk is the risk of a global drop in the values of the financial assets in which Primonial CAPIMMO invests.

• Liquidity risk

The property market proposes restricted liquidity. A high demand for shares over a short period may have a negative effect on the sale prices of properties which have to be transferred within specific time limits, and is likely to have a negative impact on the liquidated value.

Risk associated with credit

The property trusts owned by Primonial Capimmo may take out loans at times.