Real estate convictions: France during the first half of 2018

For the first half of 2018, the elements necessary for a moderate increase in interest rates have continued to appear..

The economic situation for property investments remains positive. As a result of the current economic growth situation, the recovery of the rental market is clear and should continue.

The investment market continues to be subject to interest rates and available quality. The effects of French and international investors shifting towards alternative markets, (healthcare, logistics and the hotel trade) where the capital gains element is more significant, is noticeable.

Henry-Aurélien Natter, Research Manager at Primonial REIM, has taken a good look at the French property market for you.

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The team

Daniel While
Daniel While Research, Strategy & Sustainability Director

Henry-Aurélien Natter
Henry-Aurélien Natter Research Manager

Adrien Isidore
Adrien Isidore Economist Statistician