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News of the SCPI Primopierre as of January 1st 2021

Discover Primopierre, the benchmark SCPI invested mainly in office property

The performance monitoring and the work done by Primonial REIM's asset management teams to collect rents have strongly contributed to the annual performance of the Primopierre SCPI. The distribution rate on the 2020 market value* is 5.04%, including 0.54% of capital gains distribution.

A decisive step was taken in 2020 for the SCPI, which obtained the SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) real estate label. The focus on the environmental and social performance of assets, the rationalization of energy consumption and carbon emissions, the improvement of sanitary and service conditions of properties, as well as the strengthened governance, testify to our commitment to continuously improve the quality of our assets, in the service of our clients.

As of January 1, 2021, the SCPI Primopierre is :

  • 3.3 billion in capitalization
  • 365 M€ collected
  • 492 million in acquisitions, including: a stake in the Cinetika asset (VEFA located near the Porte de Saint-Ouen), to be delivered at the end of 2022, the acquisition of four buildings mainly used as offices in the M Campus in Meudon (92), 21,500 sq.m., fully leased in 2020 to Thales under 12-year leases, and a stake in an asset located at 3/5 rue de Metz in Paris, with nearly 3,500 sq.m., 87% of which is office space, and which has been leased out to 96%.
  • 91.7% financial occupancy rate**
  • 27,297 associatess

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Current tenants are not a guide to future tenants. Past investments are not indicative of future investments. Investing in this fund involves risks, including the risk of capital loss.

* TDVM : The market value distribution rate is the division of the gross dividend before withholding tax paid in respect of year n (including exceptional interim dividends and share of distributed capital gains) by the average share price of year n.

**The financial occupancy rate expresses the share of rents, invoiced occupancy indemnities and rental compensation indemnities in total billable rents, assuming that all of the SCPI's assets were rented. This rate is measured on the last business day of the past calendar quarter for the three months making up that quarter.

Source : Primonial REIM, 31/12/2020