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General Meetings of June 2021 of SCPI

Information on the plurality of offices held by members of supervisory boards

In application of the doctrine of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, Primonial REIM makes available to the shareholders of the SCPIs it manages the exhaustive list of supervisory board memberships held in other SCPIs, SEFs or GFIs (whether or not managed by Primonial REIM) by the candidates for the supervisory board elections submitted to the votes of the next general meetings.

* Mandate(s) other than that of the SCPI for which the candidate already holds a seat and for which he/she is seeking reappointment; this information is explicitly stated in the lists of candidates sent out in the notices of meeting and included in the annual report, which specify whether the candidate already holds a position on the supervisory board of the SCPI for which he/she is applying.

No other candidate has declared a mandate in other SCPI, SEF or GFI.

This information is provided according to the declarations of the applicants (for entities not managed by Primonial REIM) and the records of the management company (for entities managed by Primonial REIM). When the applicant is a legal entity, the mandates listed are those of the legal entity and not of the representative mentioned.

Erratum : contrary to what was indicated in Primovie's annual report, Mrs. Janine LAREYRE-BLANCHARD does not hold a mandate in any SCPI, SEF or GFI. Primonial REIM would like to apologize for this material error. The appendix to the notice of meeting is authentic.