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Financial scams: the right reflexes to adopt to avoid them

For the past few months, all the players in the savings industry and their employees have been the targets of fraud and identity theft. Primonial REIM France is no exception. Here are some tips to help you identify fraud.

How do fraudsters do it?


Impersonators pretend to be employees of the Primonial Group and use the names of several of the Group's entities, including Primonial REIM France, to try to get individuals to subscribe to fake financial investments. In order to do this, they send the victims false commercial brochures imitating those of our group. These usurpers also use fraudulent domain names for their emails that do not belong to us and that are likely to create great confusion in the public mind.

Here are our official addresses:

  • first name.last name@primonial.fr
  • firstname.lastname@primonialreim.com
  • xxx@infos-primonialreim.fr​​​​​​​
  • xxx@email.primonialreim.com

Some examples of addresses used by the impersonators that we were able to identify:

  • xxx@reim-primonial.fr
  • xxx@primonial-group.com​​​​​​​
  • xxx@primo-group.com

How to verify the identity of your contact?


When you are offered to invest in a financial product or security, your contact may be an investment firm, a financial investment advisor, a bank, an insurer, a management company or a participatory investment advisor. These people or companies must all be approved or authorized in France. This is therefore one of the first checks to be made. To help you, here are the main means of verification:

The REGAFI directory: Any company that offers you investment services, in France or abroad, must be registered as an "Investment Services Provider" with the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) and listed in the REGAFI directory.

The ORIAS register: Any person presenting himself as a financial investment advisor must be registered in the unique register held by the ORIAS (Organisme pour le registre des intermédiaires en assurance), which lists all insurance, banking and financial intermediaries authorized to provide advice on insurance contracts, banking operations, particularly credit, payment services and financial instruments.

The identity of your contact person: Any person who carries out canvassing must imperatively communicate to the person canvassed his identity as well as the information of the company for which he acts. This information can be directly requested from the company for control.

How to protect yourself?


In a broader sense, here are a few tips to follow to invest serenely:

  • Take the time to think about it.
  • Make sure that the proposed investment matches your needs and your financial capacity. Read the written documentation provided to you in order to understand the operation and features of the product.
  • Beware of offers that are too good to be true, offering you guaranteed profitable investments reserved for a privileged few. There is no such thing as a miracle investment; every investment has its risks.
  • Ask questions and ask about the company, products, etc. Be wary if the person you are talking to avoids answering them.
  • Visit by your own means the company's website (www.primonialreim.fr / www.primonialreim.com), make sure that the product offered actually exists.
  • Check the authorizations and approvals of your contact person by visiting the regulator's website.
  • Do not give out your bank details.
  • Limit the distribution of personal information (social networks, websites).
  • Be wary of any unusual request and listen to your intuition: if a request seems suspicious, it probably is.
  • Verify the legitimacy of a request for information or an investment proposal that seems suspicious by making a reverse call to a number already listed in the name of the company that claims to be offering you the investment.
  • Do you have any doubts? Contact Primonial REIM France's customer service by phone at +33 (0)1 44 21 73 93, or by e-mail: serviceclients@primonialreim.com​​​​​​​

You can also read the AMF's press release on the subject.

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